About Me

Name: Michael “Th3Mik3yLov3” Airey.

D. o. B.: 17 November 1989.

From: Essex, England.


Ex-Army (Military Police); Certified Door Supervisor, Fitness Instructor and TEFL Teacher; self-taught Cocktail Barman and Barista; Coffee addict, Backpacker, Socialite. Obsessed with the colour purple.

I’m not special.

Not to say I don’t think there’s things I’m particularly better at than some, I just can’t quite put my finger on what the things are that make me… well, me.

I’m open to trying new things: experiences, cultures, foods, etc. but that can make it hard to reach a decision as I’m always spoiled for choice. Or I start doing something and move on to something else before I’m through. I inconsistently sketch things, or play guitar and teach myself Spanish.

I’ve never been able to place myself into one category (not that I believe in labels anyway). Every few years my life turns 180: I move to a new place, take up a new job, sometimes even in a new industry. My surroundings, activities, habits and routines, social circles, just about everything changes.

I guess that makes me versatile at least!