The “I’m Still Here” Post

Some of you may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from my blogging world for just over a week now, my apologies. It’s been one of those times where life gets eventful and some things have to take a back seat, regrettably, I’ve been neglecting not just my own writing but all of yours too.

This means that I’ve failed the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge, as well as missing out on a few Health & Fitness Fridays and MySundayPhotos. Not only that but the exercise I’d started has stopped too. It’s not that I’ve given up, or even lost interest (that’s why I’m writing this post here, to show I’m still in this), I simply took on too much at once and couldn’t keep up with my commitments.

I’m working two jobs now- and possibly a third from next week- which gave me less time to be sat around blogging from my tablet and changed up my routine slightly. On top of this I’ve agreed to start writing for other sites, meaning when I can be sat on my tablet there’s less time to focus on my own tasks, plus studying Personal Training. (I think maybe I take on way too much)

I will still be continuing with my regular posts: a random tune on Tuesday, Health & Fitness Friday, and MySundayPhoto as well as some lesser organized posts such as reviews and things.

A little reviewing is needed to be done for my timetable and scheduling, and probably will keep being reviewed and tweeked continuously until I’ve fine tuned this new routine but as always I’m optimistic about this.

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Thanks for being patient with me everyone!


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