I.B.M.C. Day 2: Freeze a Foto Challenge


This is the picture I have chosen for the second days challenge.

It is another picture I’d taken while I was in Guyana, back in October, for Diwali. To celebrate every year there is a motorcade show, which I almost missed out on. This was the week I started staying with the family that took me in and they’d invited me to join them for the evening- and although I could never repay them for the amount they really did for me, or express my gratitude properly in words, it was an amazing experience to share with them in their culture and I loved how they were as eager to teach and share it with me as I was to learn it.

The sights, sounds, smells… it was a sensory overload of the best variety, everything so rich and vibrant! All of it being brand new to me made it such a rewarding and unforgettable experience. It made me completely forget about Halloween too.

I’m sure if I’m in the UK around that time now it just won’t feel the same…





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