I.B.M.C. Day 1: Phrase a Paragraph Challenge

So today is the start of the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge… and I’ve struggled already! Looking this challenge up the other week I had so many ideas about what to write for each day; when the time came to sit and write they just weren’t there or were much more than what was needed.

The Phrase a Paragraph Challenge is to write a 100 word paragraph (approximately) around one of ten subjects given to you (follow the link above) and write a one-liner at the end to summarise.

“The Perfect Match”

From the moment she appeared, it was like she had always been there. A presence so infectious she consumed every thought, a person so perfectly contradictory. How can someone be so fresh and yet so familiar, feel that safe while leaving you so vulnerable, or have such attitude and be so obedient? With eyes so deep you could lose the whole world and a look to make you think you were the only one in it. She wasn’t needy but she needed. Pushed away just enough to make you want to come back for more. She was the perfect match.

My take on how imperfect people can make perfection.



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