Developing Your Eye II, Day Eight: “Edge”

Today’s assignment was a little bit of a pain, I won’t lie. I’d found an image that I wanted to use only I had no idea what it was called or what it was even for.

A little bit of googling sorted that out (but it wasn’t easy to find being in Dutch) and I learned that the picture is of a place called Het Gemaal, it’s a Waterworks in Paramaribo, Suriname. This is the picture I found of it on Google Maps:

Het Gemaal

Took a little longer to find it as I wasn’t looking for a brown building. It must have been decorated since that picture was taken because this is the picture I took while I was there in November:


As you can see, same building but looking a little different now. I thought the architecture was interesting not having any clue what the place was and, without discrediting the photographer from the Google Maps version, I think the paint job gave my photo more of an edge as well (no pun intended).



Let me hear it.

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