Tuesday’s Random Tune: Seth Sentry- Room for Rent

A very good friend of mine introduced me to Aussie Hip Hop a few years ago. Out of everything I’ve heard I’ve always remembered Seth Sentry. Man just flows. I’ve used one of his songs before for a previous post too.

I’d recently started my new live-in job in London and met my room mate; first thing he said to me when we were introduced was “what’s up man? Look, I’m sorry but I’m hungover, I need vodka” and he walked off. And he’s been one of my best friends ever since!

The rooms in this place we lived though were terrible: hadn’t been decorated in at least 3 decades; the ‘carpets’ were basically one big stain with a few patches so worn they were practically holes; stains and scuffmarks filled the bottom parts of the walls; doors weren’t even attached to the walls; the upstairs almost reflect the fact that the building was nearly 300  years old.

This song just summed up perfectly how we felt about the place, a few days even singing it to each other at work for a laugh- the rest of the live-ins completely agreed with us too.

So what did you think of Seth Sentry? Is hip-hop your kind of music or do you prefer something different? Tell me about it in the comments.


Let me hear it.

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