These last couple of weeks I’ve been redesigning and reviewing my blog (you may have noticed). So I thought I’d take a moment to let you guys in on the updates…

Firstly, I’ve been wanting to get a little bit of regularity and routine to the blog (instead of aiming for at least a post each week published whenever), which means I’ve started a proper editorial calendar. My first problem to this was knowing not just what I want to write but when, so I’ve signed up for some writing challenges across this year.

The blog may change slightly from time to time as well while I play with designs, themes, pages, etc. I want to find a better organised, simpler user-interface so readers don’t have to keep scrolling through pages of blog posts to find what they’re looking for.

From next month these changes will be taking place and posts will be published as follows:

#MySundayPhoto:- Does what it says on the tin! Each week I’ll be posting a photo on, you guessed it… Sunday. This is a link-up event I’ve joined hosted by Darren at Photalife.

Tuesdays Random Tune (#RSoW):- Throughout this month I’ve been posting a Random Song of the Day (#RSoD), this will be changing to a Random Song of the Week (#RSoW) posted each Tuesday. I’ve changed the frequency of the posts so that I can spend more time focussing on a new feature I want to Introduce to my blog…

Health & Fitness Friday:- My yo-yo like approach to exercising or being healthy can get a little frustrating at times: stop, start, stop, start, stop. I don’t need that for myself, so I’ve decided to choose a bodyweight workout to do and post about at the start of each month as well as any other health and fitness news each week like fitness hacks, nutrition and products such as supplements, clothing or tech.

Finally, for over the month of March, I’ve signed up for not just one but two writing challenges: First is Developing Your Eye II, which, if you’re interested you can find over at The Daily Post. This is a 10 day series I will be posting over the start of the month; and the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge, which was created by Prakash Hegade at itsphblog.wordpress.com and is now a WordPress Event. I’ll be posting for the I.B.M.C. from the middle to the end of the month.

Three weekly posts, a photo challenge and a writing challenge- plus the new exercise routine- I’m not pressuring myself at all! Wondering if I can do it? Me too.

You’ll have to check in over the next month to see what’s gonna happen.

See you again real soon 😉




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