14 Things I Realised I’ve Learned From Travelling

I’ve been home about a month. It’s got to the point already things feel like they are back to “normal”, only it feels a little different. I feel different.

This is a list of just some of the things I’ve learned and realisations I’ve made while travelling and since I’ve been back.

  1. Just because someone says they can do something for you, doesn’t mean they will.
  2. Even when you have to trust people blindly, you still can’t trust everybody.
  3. Good things can come out of bad situations. Be patient, stay calm, have faith.
  4. Agree the terms of a deal before you begin anything. Be it work, transport or anything else.
  5. You are responsible for you. Period.
  6. People always love you while they can get things from you; those people that ask for nothing, they’re rare, real friends.
  7. Say yes, even when you don’t feel like doing something. Keep the adventure alive.
  8. Gratitude, as well as enthusiasm, is contagious.
  9. Even when you go out alone, you’re never alone for long. There are people everywhere you go!
  10. “One quick drink” are famous last words in any country.
  11. Common courtesy, just like common sense, really isn’t common.
  12. The more you put into something, the more you get back from it.
  13. Worrying about the future only stops you from enjoying the present.
  14. Bad people still do good things; the same as good people still do bad things.

There we go. Not exactly ground-breaking stuff but sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest differences. I think number 3 was my favourite, I’ll be reminding myself of it whenever I need a quick pick-me-up.



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