My 8 All Time Essentials

There are some things we just can’t live without. For some of us, that’s as simple as a morning coffee (one I know all too well about) and others something bigger like their car or house. It doesn’t even need to be something tangible: a daily walk, visiting friends or family, meditation, etc.

The same as we all have rituals we go through. When I leave my house I check my pockets, “phone, smokes, wallet, keys” and away I go. At least if I have those 4 on me once I’ve left I can generally fix anything else that may go wrong. Or my preferred checklist since I’ve been travelling, “Sunnies, shorts. Lets go!”

These are some of the things I’ve become a little too dependant on, but hey, I love them!

  1. Tablet: My Surface Pro 3 isn’t only my way to connect with the world, it’s my way to escape it as well. I can search the web, keep in touch with friends, read my emails, blog. Then when its time to switch off I pull off the magnetic type cover and I can listen to some music, or watch a film, even a few TED Talks.
  2. Phone: I’ve been fairly behind the times when it comes to phone capabilities but since I’ve had my Galaxy S6 I can’t leave it alone! I get lost in the play store trying out as many new things as possible, then delete what isn’t working for me and away I go again. I’m becoming better organised with some of the productivity apps (still prefer physical copies) syncing across my devices. Also, this is probably now my favourite photo-editing device.
  3. Smokes: Yes, there bad for me but sometimes it really is the only way to get a break in the day (especially working a service job) plus they’ve helped create social situations that otherwise may not have happened too. (But I am not encouraging smoking here)
  4. Coffee:  Whatever keeps you going through the day. Doing bar work I can spend up to 12hrs a day on my feet and on a really busy day that’s 12hrs straight (the same as security and some military roles I’ve had). I don’t know where I’d be without it.
  5. Filofax: This is almost literally my brain in paper form. My planner, to dos, lists and other personal junk are kept inside this beautiful little black leather organiser. And i won’t lie, I’m a bit of a stationary geek anyway.
  6. Backpack: As I’ve mentioned in a few posts now I move a lot but it could be as simple as a day at a friends house, or day out in the city to a weekend or week away in a far off place. Nearly everywhere i go i have a bag of some description with me. I practically lived out of a karrimor urban for a while but recently upgrade to the osprey farpoint for my last journey and will be using for future travels.
  7. Music: I’m sure almost everyone agrees with me here, music is everywhere in my life. My alarm, the background noise at work or anywhere i go out, even the background noise if you’re staying in. To pump you up or chill you out, in the good and bad times. Music is definitely essential to life.
  8. Notebook & pen: I’m always writing things down (because I forget a lot :p) ideas, to-do list, quick notes, plans, directions. Different sizes left in different places. Before i put everything into the filofax it was chaos to find where I’d written stuff down!


What are some of your essential items? Are any of yours the same as mine? Tell me about yours in the comments below.


One thought on “My 8 All Time Essentials

  1. Yeah, turns out that I have that same backpack! I love it too. Lately I can’t go anywhere without my kick-ass AKG headphones. They completely block out the outside world (in terms of sounds at least) and I love that. Also I have to have a decent amount of water with me, anywhere I go, but especially travelling. I get thirsty, from quenched, in about fuggall minutes, and I’d die without several litres in my backpack. In Lanzarote it was 5L bottles through the desert, but at some points I was 5km from the next water source, in 40* sun. An obvious one, but like I said, I dehydrate in a jiffy and it kind of dictates how long I can go and get lost by myself for. Also wet wipes to keep clean and nuts for a compact source of protein. Nail clippers if I plan on a few week trip are a must too; grotty fingernails are horrible. Stroll into a town all dishevelled with a backpack and it’s fine, but bust out those crud coated nails when you’re paying for your stuff and people think you’re dirty…. because you are. But you don’t want them to know that!

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