Random Songs in my Head

We’ve all been there. At work, on the commute or even at home catching up with our personal lives: humming, whistling and lala-ing a song that we just can’t seem to get out of our heads. Although most of the time I’m sure we know where it comes from, or even why we’re doing it, every now and again (or almost everyday for me recently) there’s that one song you catch yourself playing out and think,

“Where did that come from!?”

While i was working in the hotel I did a lot of humming as I mopped and swept my way around the place- I’m not sure if it’s my mood that’s improved or if the humming itself helps my mood- but everyday I caught myself humming something. Some of these songs I haven’t heard for years as well!

So I’ve been keeping a list (I have said I’m a list geek before, haven’t I?) and decided I’m going to start sharing these songs with you, my readers, as an insight into what happens in my own personal little headspace (I already know I’m crazy, no need to tell me). Now these songs could be anything; any genre, from any era, or any country. I may or may not include a little spiel about each as I post them- it’ll depend on the song and my mood I guess.

Be sure to tune in each day from tomorrow to see what’s going to be my “Random Song of the Day” or #RSoD.

Catch you later! 😉


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