The Guyana Diaries: Pt 11- Game Changers

Even though I knew my time was running out and I have only a month left before I had no choice but to leave here, I still didn’t want to accept it as truth. I’ve adjusted to this place, it’s somewhere I’m comfortable and actually enjoy just being here. That being said, I still had to call home and ask for help to get back. Although I’ve been saving money the whole time I’ve worked here it isn’t enough even for a one way flight.

This is where the game changed.

I’d explained to my mum and brother at home I have until Feb 28th to leave but to book me the cheapest possible flight they could find, whenever that would be. After a few days we video called each other again and I was told the date of my flight. Jan 30th. A whole month before my time expires. And just a few days off.

This was only bad news to me as I was thinking about the month I could’ve had here instead: the work I’m doing around the people I get on with, the family I live with and the time I spend with them, the people outside of home and work that I see regularly, all the amazing fresh food, the Sun… It’s still cold in the UK!

With a little bit of time to think things over I realised there are still things I’ll enjoy about being home: I get to see my mum (I’m sure she’s worried too much over me since I first told her I’m stranded the other side of the world) and my brother; I get to see my friends (and pay some of them back for the help they gave while I’ve been stranded); the feeling of familiarity- because as much as I love adventure and the unknown, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly where you are and where you’re going; random little things like easily accessible wifi; and although it’s slightly selfish I’m going to enjoy showing off a sun tan and telling my crazy stories to people that have been freezing for months instead.

This is only a temporary thing as well. When the time comes (quickly I hope) I intend to be heading straight back here to Guyana, with a better plan, and better prepared. I’m going to use this time away to put all the pieces together. And when I do make it back here I know life will be even sweeter!

I’m gonna keep this post short, still don’t like thinking about leaving this place yet. I’ll be back again once I’ve touched down on home ground.

Until next time


One thought on “The Guyana Diaries: Pt 11- Game Changers

  1. Your never stranded all the time we have each other !
    You know what your going into next time , and there will be a next time ! You’ll have friends to go back to and people that were there , for you , with nothing to gain . Family isn’t always blood , it’s the people that gave the little they had , and shared without the need for reward !


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