The Guyana Diaries: Pt 10- It’s All Good

The new jobs going quite well, a little too well in fact. It’s the only place I’ve worked where I get on with everybody there; I’m hoping that’s not just because everything is still new to me and at somepoint things will start to decline. By the end of my first week I’ve even been thanked for my hard work and told I’m appreciated for what I do there! That’d never happen back home.

Riding a push bike to and from work and a lot of stairs at work everyday has been a bit killer on my legs this past week but I’m still enjoying myself despite constantly aching. I have to show up dressed respectably- white shirt and black trousers- which I quite like but the only time I came unstuck with it I was riding home from work one day; I’d decided to take a scenic route home and explore some more of this beautiful country but at one part I’d reached a dead end. Looking around I couldn’t see anybody except a few heads a bit farther ahead just above a wall, I ride up thinking I’ll ask for some directions back onto the main road only when I get there I realise it’s a Jahovas Witness church!! (I’ve got nothing against them but religion is not my style) The people inside smile and wave at me, I’m assuming they thought I was part of their group, so I smile and wave back… then turn around and pedal away so fast you would’ve thought I was being robbed. Found my way back to the main road as well so I was relieved after that and head home.

I feel more like a local as well getting around on a push bike, people saying “good morning” or “good afternoon” as I pass them- something else that wouldn’t happen back home. I’m learning more of the town as well being sent out to run errands: go to the bakery for bread, take documents to people, get some food for any of the guests if they want it, that sort of thing.

I was right about something too, the time i spend cleaning here my mind wanders in all kinds of directions: I’ve had ideas about things to do with my blog (coming soon); ideas on silly things like hobbies to pass my time, tattoos I want to get, extra incomes I may be able to set up; even a few thoughts about this business idea out here. In my last post I mentioned a feeling about how everything connected somehow, the recurring theme always seems (to me at least) to be around helping others. I want to find a way to better serve people. Now if I could only figure out how to incorporate that into some kind of actual business idea I’ll be set!

That’s all for this week, I’ve been so lost inside my own head that time had completely escaped me.

Until next time…


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