The Reading List of 2016

I can’t believe another year is ending already. Is it me, or did that not literally just fly by!?

One joy for me this year. Instead of curling up indoors, hiding under a blanket wearing 2 jumpers with the heating up, escaping the icy environment with a good book, I’m laying in the hammock out in the yard and topping up my tan… with a good book.

As we all reflect on what’s happened over the past 12 months, I wonder about the books I’ve read this year: Where are they now? How much of each do I really remember? Who’s seen the messages I leave in some of them?

I’ve missed out the non-fiction stuff I’ve read this year like ebooks on blogging, tattoo styles, etc. or the list would go on for a while- I like information, I read a lot.

These are the books I’ve managed to finish this year, there were a couple more I wanted to add to the list but they weren’t finished in time, so they’ll be in the next list:

  1. Ben Elton- High Society
  2. Alexandre Dumas- The Count of Monte Cristo
  3. Stephen King- Dolores Claiborne
  4. Brett Battles- Rewinder
  5. Sarah Fine- Marked
  6. John Rector- Out of the Black
  7. Nicolo Machiavelli- The Prince
  8. Jack Patterson- Dead Line
  9. Michael Prescott- The Shadow Hunter

    Side note: I realised at some point that I only started this blog around August time, so these are the books I’ve kept track of since then.


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