The Guyana Diaries- Pt 8: Taking Control

I’ve been given a new angle to consider to extend my time on a slightly longer term basis.

The boss sent me one day to see a friend of his, a mediator, who deals with visa applications and working permits on a regular basis. He knows the system better than most. One thing he suggested to me was registering my own business here in Guyana: the way he explained it was that if I have a business here, working for myself, I could essentially write my own work permit. Rather than have someone else apply for me and only being allowed to work for them.

I’m sure it’s not as straightforward as he made it sound but once he told me about it, it really struck a chord with me. Plus if it’s all on me then things get done on my time, no more waiting on other people to organise things for me- and if anything does go wrong, there’s only me to blame!

I like the idea of being a business owner too.

Different options are always being opened up for me here. It’s something else I love about this country: the freedom of choice. If you don’t feel like working, just take the day, don’t even worry to call in and explain- something I’ve witnessed more than once first hand now- but when you’re at work it’s time to work. People here work hard for what they want, but if they don’t want to then that’s that. Simple.

One example: I was talking to someone Christmas Day about my current situation and they were shocked when I told them my weekly salary for the hours I work, said I was being robbed (and somedays it feels like it too), but the good thing that came from it was another job offer, basically farming- almost double my salary for half the time, just very different hours. I still need to check back with them about the location so I know where I’d be going and how big the place is but I think it’d make a nice change of pace.

Working less hours would also mean I’d have some extra time to put some serious research into a business idea; I’m looking into fitness currently, my passion for it has come back since I’ve been running and exercising. Getting other people to join me would be a good way to stay committed- and who wouldn’t want to get paid to stay healthy?

Financing will be an issue for a while, maybe a trip home for a few months to build up a reserve is in order…


Let me hear it.

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