Merry Christmas from Guyana!!

Yes it’s Christmas again!

For some, that will be great news. Others, not so much. Me? I’m actually undecided this year. Being the other side of the world is making this year a great experience all around; but not having seen my family or friends for months now does give me a little bit of homesickness…

No opening bottles of “Christmas Spirit” to throw into coffees when I wake up, or spending the day trying to get my mum drunk on cocktails (she doesn’t drink often, so I try and abuse the privelege). No visiting my friends and their kids, watching their excitement as they open up their presents.

This is actually the first Christmas I’ve spent alone, with the exception of one or two years where I’ve worked instead- but at least I was still in the same time zone as everybody I knew. I’m still not totally alone though, instead I’m spending the day with the family that took me in and still enjoying the fact that this year I’m not freezing.

Upside down xmas tree at Giftland Mall

To everybody out there though, I hope wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, today is a good day for you.

Merry Christmas and much love.


One thought on “Merry Christmas from Guyana!!

  1. You are missed any day , but Christmas time even more ! You are my heart , so this means you’ll always be with me . You are the man you are today because of your inner spirit , which should always be allowed to fly and never chained . I am proud to call you my son , be true to yourself 💞🌹


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