The Guyana Diaries: Pt 7- Time & Improvement

There’s a week missing in my diary timeline- sorry to those that have been following- so this one covers the last 2 weeks. At first I thought nothing much happened but when I started putting it down I realised it had been eventful enough!

I’ve been much more relaxed these 2 weeks knowing I have some extra time to get myself in order.

It’s left me in a sort of self-reflective state. Now I have time to myself I spend a lot of time wondering what to do with it. What habits and routines I have, the ones I want and how to go about achieving them.

The lack of a proper social life out here still is both a blessing and a curse: sometimes I spend too much of my time just staring into space and assessing my life, but then when I do socialise I’m at least grateful for the company (if I’m not still lost inside my own head).

Part of the Gerogetown sea wall as the sun rises

My lifestyle has improved a lot as far as I’m concerned: I now get up at 6am and run along the sea wall, plus do some exercise in the evening as the sun sets- not everyday but I’m starting to build the habit at least; my diet is much better out here, 3 cooked meals a day (although that’s thanks to the family I’m living with- I eat what they eat, when they eat) but when I’m out or want a snack now I look (not very far or hard out here) for fruits; mangoes, watermelon, pineapple, coconuts (even just to drink from)- everything out here is fresh too, picked in the mornings to be sold for the day- and drink plenty of water, not very many fizzy drinks and only 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day.

If you knew me before, I loved my coffees too!

This cleaner life has made me feel better in myself and about myself but I know I wouldn’t be doing the same thing if I was back home. Most of these changes though have been almost autonomous, I don’t really think about it, I just feel like doing it here. It’s easier, more natural.

One of the big ones for me though was smoking. Back home I smoked rolling tobacco but it isn’t sold out here so I adapted and started back on normal cigarettes- more than a full pack a day! When I said that to people here they’d look at me horrified and tell me I smoke hard; it actually made me quite self-concious about it. Being self-concious doesn’t go too well with feeling good about yourself though so I’ve even started making an effort on cutting back. In these 2weeks it’s gone from 20+, to 10, and somedays only 5 now. Sometimes I still break, I won’t lie, but we all start somewhere.

Somehow I managed to take a tooth out eating a mango as well! It was in the middle of work so I spent half the day self-conciously talking to people with a gap tooth. I found a dentist relatively quickly, it was close to where I work and apparently one of the best in town- cheap enough to fix as well. Considered myself quite lucky with that.

This last week I thought I finally had a breakthrough with my work permit too. I was given the papers to fill out by my boss, in triplicate, and brought them back to him the next day. A few days later he gave them back, signed off and completed. All that was left was to obtain an affidavit and I could deliver everything to the Ministry for processing. I spent one morning running backwards and forwards around town between the stores and the office I needed for the affidavit to make sure all information was correct before I payed to have it signed off. When I made it to the Ministry however it was a different story!

The paperwork they’d printed was from the old government system and couldn’t be processed. Meaning I’m back to square one.

Thankfully time is on my side still.

Also I’ve been looking for an apartment. I’m going to share with someone I’ve been working with here to help the financial strain for us both but so far everytime we call about a place, it’s already gone.

I’m wondering if I should try and find my next job as well, something I’d actually like to be doing instead of doing whatever needs doing to get by, but if I can get my work permit straight now I don’t want to miss the chance either.

Tough call.

It feels like everything is about to fall into place but so far it just isn’t. By the time I could afford to fly home I’ll already be halfway to having built a ‘normal life’ for myself already.


3 thoughts on “The Guyana Diaries: Pt 7- Time & Improvement

  1. Very deep thinking been happening there ! It sounds like you are finding peace with yourself , instead of being on a perpetuale tread mill . Never knowing how to stop ! This adventure is helping you grow in ways , you never thought of before .
    Be safe , you are my heart 💞


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