The Guyana Diaries: Pt 5- Just My Luck

I’ve realised this week that as much as I’ve adjusted to the way people talk out here, they don’t all understand me yet. A woman was walking past the flower shop while I was sitting outside the store and asked how much for a particular bunch of flowers, “They’re $800” I told her (about £3). “A hundred?” she asked me. “No, eight hundred”, I tell her again. “Yeh, a hundred”. I get the girl inside to tell her the price and the woman says to her, “You need english speaking people working here- me no understand he!”.

I don’t need to tell any of you what’s wrong with that English.

Also, my extension was officially put in my passport the other day- from the day it was issued I have 10 days remaining on it (They granted me 30!). That doesn’t leave me much time to arrange anything and since it took them an extra 4 weeks to sort out this extension, I don’t feel too confident going back and asking for the next one.

My new boss has a friend in some legal department that deals with these kinds of issues: visas, marriage certificates, that kind of thing. It’s good to know people that know people. He said if I apply with a work permit before my time expires it shouldn’t matter if I’m still here as the next application is already in- not sure how much I trust that either. My only other option is to leave the country and come back; get another 30days as a visitor and then apply for my work permit. Could mean I’m going to Suriname for a few days but this weekend coming is Independence Day and I remember how that went for me leaving Costa Rica.

My birthday was this week too. I went to work for the day (which wasn’t so bad considering 3 of my birthdays I didn’t even have a job), thought I’d be having a few beers after work with the guys I work with because the week before was another guy’s birthday and he brought a case of beer in but no. I asked but was told not to do it. They did give me 2 bottles of brandy though, which was nice. 

My old boss at the carwash said he’d take me out Saturday night instead for my birthday, there’s a bar I went to a few times in my last 2 trips that I’ve been wanting to get back to so that’s where we were going… and that didn’t happen either- good job I had the brandy then, I just didn’t quite mean to drink a whole bottle to myself though!

Sunday was going to be my day off- my second day off in the 2 months I’ve been here- except the guy now working at the washbay didn’t show up which meant I ended up working as a favour instead. I broke my flip flops at work so went barefoot for the majority of it (but going barefoot is a fairly normal thing here) and to top it off, my boss from the flower shop came by to ask if I could cover the store close to where I live for a few hours in the evening. End result: 13 hours of work on my day off. 

Should be nice when pay day comes but sometimes you just need time to recharge the batteries instead of making money.


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