The Guyana Diaries: Pt 4- City Life

I’ve started my new job at the flower shop!

It’s an easy gig so far, mostly manual labour while getting a store set up for Christmas stock: carrying boxes and furniture between the shops (although the next shop is 3 streets over) and just general dirty work. Also it’s the first time in about a month I’ve had to commute further than walking distance to work. But the people I’m working with are quite nice, the owners are very generous too: they donate a New Era hat to me because I didn’t have a hat for when I’m outside, a backpack so I can carry lunch into work (my drawstring bag split), and even a pair of sunglasses because my pair have been battered from the amount of times I’ve dropped them! Plus I spend a lot of time sitting outside watching the stock on the street making sure it doesn’t get stolen and this is my view (or one of, depending which store I’m in)…

St George’s Cathedral.

The bus ride into work is always interesting too but I enjoy it because I feel like I’ve settled into things and I’ve learned my way around more. Starting your day with some dancehall or reggae music can set you up mentally as well. Although if you get the wrong bus they can speed or play their music far too loud, one bus driver I had was drinking a beer as he made his rounds- it wasn’t even 8am!

With a retail job I’m meeting new people constantly too- and there’s more girls in flower shops than there are at a carwash. 😉

I met one girl from a different store while I’ve been working in the city, after a couple of meetings I collect her number and we’d agreed to go out one night after work. It was a disaster! We were meeting at a gas station between our shops and going for some drinks; only I was waiting outside the gas station closer to my shop and she was waiting inside closer to hers, so we were both waiting there for like 20 minutes not realising… and she doesn’t drink. That last part didn’t matter too much as I had no idea where to go in town for some drinks anyway and it turned out she didn’t know the area that well either. So we just wandered aimlessly for a little while talking instead, then went our seperate ways. Who knows if I’ll see her again.

My extension has finally been sorted with Immigration too (only 4weeks after it should have been ready!) and only took me raising my voice and yelling at them they’d need armed police to get me out of the building if they didn’t sort it out then and there. Sometimes you just have to behave bad to get what you want.

Just to make things even better: the end of my first week at this new job, closing up and about to go home Saturday afternoon, I manage to get hit by a pick-up truck when I was crossing the road! Thankfully (or luckily depending how you want to look at it) I’m not injured, a bit sore but the damage was done to the truck instead- nice little dent and I took the wing mirror off the drivers side door with my back- but the guy didn’t even stop. 

Hit and runs are a common occurance here.

And Sunday I went to my first race here. That was incredible! A bus load of us left early in the morning to reach there in time, loaded up with cooler boxes full of drinks and trays of food… and a barbeque. I thought it’d only be a few hours long but it was a whole day of racing- not that I saw much of the races; every few mins you could hear the roar of engines going past but the view was pretty much blocked by other spectators. That just left me to enjoy the atmosphere and the company (and the food). I’ve already said that I love Guyanese hospitality and the day at the races just proved my point. Sitting around and talking, connecting with new people and sharing stories, this is what I live for!

Although by the end of the day I was quite drunk- not that I’m complaining- and with a full belly I slept like a baby the whole of the bus ride home. 

Check back next week for my next entry, there’s a few birthdays coming up here (including my own) so this could get a little crazy! 😉


2 thoughts on “The Guyana Diaries: Pt 4- City Life

  1. About bloody time that’s visa came through , enough to try the patience of a saint 😇. Sounds like you almost made normal life , but , as is with you , not quiet 🤔.Fancy not checking out the place to meet lol 😂
    Guyanese hospitality sounds great , we need to adopt it here ! 😉


    1. It was only my 3rd day in the city and I’ d been told the local bars were a little ghetto. Slowly getting accustomed to the madness here though 🙂 the hospitality here is amazing, no chance for anybody to go hungry- all fresh local produce too so the food tastes even better!


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