I’ve started a GoFundMe Page… Please Help!

I had no idea about  GoFundMe before a good friend had mentioned it to me- and even after I looked into it I was still quite sceptical.

Being almost 27 now- I know I’m still young(ish) but I like to consider myself an adult… sometimes- asking strangers for money seemed a little bit too odd. Even as a child I remeber being told you don’t get something for nothing, so why would that change now?

Well to be perfectly honest, it still hasn’t in my mind.

I got myself into this mess and I know it’s up to me to get myself out. I’m still currently working every single day and saving everything I can spare each week, it’s just going to take me a lot longer to do it on only 25% of what I was earning back home (typical average monthly wage for UK- £800-900, average monthly wage here in Guyana- £200-300). 

It just isn’t leaving me any time (or energy) to do the things I came here for such as visit Kaiteur Falls, or spend a few nights away with the indigenous tribes, or the smaller things like a day trip to the Zoo or the Botanical Gardens and Museums. Even the blog is suffering a little since there isn’t really any free WiFi here so being able to write up posts and things is taking longer too.

So if you’d want to see more of my mishaps on this epic misadventure; get a Thank You picture with your name in it or shoutouts and mentions for your social media; even just donate $1 anonymously to buy me lunch for a day, head on over to:


Even just a share to help get the word out more is hugely appreciated. Whether you donate or not, I just want to thank you for even taking the time to read this.

I’ll be back again real soon…


Let me hear it.

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