Review: LG TONE Infinim Bluetooth Headphones. LG HBS-900

I’m sure I’ve said a few times now, I’m not very good with new technology. In fact most of the time I don’t venture past the wired headsets that come with new phones. So when a friend of mine offered me these brand new in box bluetooth headphones I wanted them. Something a bit closer to modern standards. Still, a little hesitant somewhere in the back of my mind, I thought the battery wouldn’t even last a day, or the connectivity would be hit and miss, the sound quality wouldn’t be that great. Was I wrong!

Having owned them for the best part of a year they’ve become my primary pair for exercise, walking, housework, days out, long trips, etc. Never had a problem with sound quality, could still hear them fine with background noise from the gym music or London Underground. I forgot to switch them off multiple times when I get home or gone to sleep and still had enough battery power to get through the next day.

LG Headphones Extended

Sometimes I don’t realise my phone is ringing in my pocket, but these headphones vibrate and reduce the music volume when a call is coming in, or read a text to you straight from your phone without having to unlock it or get it out. There are even voice commands for it.

LG Headphones

With what’s available today I know I’m a little behind the times (again) and I recently found out that the headphones were discontinued too- shame really.

It still doesn’t change my opinion of them. They’re handy, I love the design and practicality of the button layout, they’ve been through all kinds of weather and beatings- I’ve even lost them twice!

Looking up reviews online the results were very hit and miss from people about the sound quality, the way the ear buds fit and battery life. I guess that makes me one of the lucky few as I haven’t had a single one of these problems (yet).

The LG Infinims are going to stay as my primary headset until they’re lost, stolen, damaged or just naturally run their course. There’s nothing in line to replace them yet but then they don’t show any signs of stopping yet either.

Although i would recommend them, you can’t exactly buy them from the shops, so we won’t worry about that!

Weight 1.90 oz
Bluetooth® Version 3.0
Supported Bluetooth® Profiles A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
Talk Time (Up To) Up to 17 hours
Standby Time (Up To) Up to 23 days
Music Play Time (Up To) Up to 14 hours
Charging Time Less than 2 hours

I’m going to leave it there. If you want know any more about these, well, you’re already online you can look it up 😉


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