My Epic Language Fail

Learning a language can be tricky. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make a massive difference when it’s translated. And that can be pretty funny sometimes! Some of my Spanish friends always used to confuse the words ‘chicken’ and ‘kitchen’ which could be hilarious working in a restaurant.

A few years ago i went on holiday with my best friend Joe. To celebrate his 30th we spent 2 weeks backpacking Andalucia, Spain. Let me tell you now it is still one of the best trips I’ve had!

We started inland and made our way to the coast, then rented mountain bikes for a few days to explore along the coastal towns. Many of the places we stayed there wasn’t much English spoken and with our limited Spanish we had to learn fast (surprisingly easy to do actually when you’re immersed in a language).

So after a few days we reach Cadiz and we’re staying in this really cool backpackers called Casa Caracol. Great mix of people from all over the world staying there, I loved the atmosphere in that place. This one night we go to get some food from a local hamburgueseria to take back to the hostel and end up smoking some hash and having a drinking session with a few people on the roof terrace: 2 Argentinian guys, a Belgian woman and a group of Germans, just relaxing in the hammocks. Some of the hostel staff were up there with us too.

There was this one Chilean woman in particular i remember talking to (probably because she was stunning) who spoke english and the conversation turns to my ability to speak spanish. So I start with the basics and build on that.

A few of the other guys around us start to listen and join in the conversation. We get to talking about the food I’d bought that i was eating (I like food- in any language) so feeling quite confident, though that could have been the beer, i say in my best spanish accent “me gusta comer mucho polla”.

Which, for anybody that doesn’t speak spanish, it basically means: “I like to eat a lot of dick”.

Talk about embarassing!

(Anybody learning spanish out there quick tip for you. The ‘o’ for masculine and ‘a’ for feminine thing is not an exact rule.)

Well, they made me repeat it a few times too before anyone explained what was wrong with what i was saying. Pollo is chicken, not polla! Everybody laughing so hard at me, one guy even fell out of his hammock which made everyone laugh harder. Not one of my greatest moments but still a good memory.

Luckily for me, we were checking out the next day so I didn’t have to worry too much about the consequences or any damage control.

Have you ever had a slip of the tongue like this? Or have friends that did? Tell me about it in the comments below.



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