My Life in 40 Litres

It’s finally happened!

I’ve quit my job and I’m counting down the days until i jet off to start a new adventure accross beautiful Central America!

There’s been all kinds of drama deciding what essentials (or non essentials) to pack and take with me since I’m only taking one 40litre backpack. I mean, what do we really need anyway?

Food. Water. Shelter.

So with that in mind, what do i actually really need to take? I’m going for a cross between minimalist and survival: clothes, toilettries, hammock/shelter and first aid kit.

The Equipment 

For this trip I’ve got almost all new kit to take away with me but it was an investment towards a new lifestyle- so i think it’s justified! 🙂

Osprey Farpoint 40– I love this bag! Designed within the maximum carry-on limits, it’s lightweight, secure and versatile.

Toiletry bag-I’ve had this thing years! It’s my old military field wash kit, sentimental keepsake. Contains tooth brush & paste, shampoo/shower gel, lip balm, sun cream, moisturiser. All of which are deliberately under 100ml for carry-on allowance.

First Aid Kit– gloves, bandage, microtape, plasters, sterile wipes, dressings, burn gel, tweezers, painkillers, anti inflammatories, anti histamines, anti sickness and diarrhea tablets, hydration packs

Tech– Microsoft Surface Pro 3, Samsung Galaxy S6

Kit– Day sack/ laundry bag, Hammock, Solar powered charger, Filofax, 1 litre water bottle, water purification tablets, 4 padlocks, spork, paracord,tent pegs, bungees, hexamine cooker and solid fuel bricks.

Clothes– 5x underwear, 2x socks, 3x trainer socks, 1x swimwear. 1x cargo trs, 1x chinos, 1x trakkies, 1x shorts. 1x shirt, 1x long sleeve, 3x short sleeve, 1x hoody. 1x footwear- Topo MT-2 Trail Running Shoes, 1x flip flops (for showers, beaches, etc)

And that’s it! For ease of packing and space-saving, i box-fold all of my clothes so they’re A4 sized then roll them as well. Also if you choose your colours carefully, it’s all one load of laundry which is a massive convenience (and good for saving money).

The whole bag fully packed weighs in at around the 10kg mark as well, which wasn’t deliberate but a nice bonus.

I hope this has helped in some way. Stay tuned, there’ll be more from me soon.


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