Who Am I?

Hi everyone! And welcome to my blog. This is my first year in blogging so things around here will be changing quite a bit as I grow and develop this site.

What do I say about myself?

Well I guess I’ll start with the obvious: I’m Mike, 27 years old, from Essex (That’s the UK to anyone reading from another country). I operate from many different locations; around the UK and abroad. I’m always on the move. Now this isn’t gonna be another travel blog (But will be included), I’m just gonna keep it as a sort of online personal head space for now. Who knows what it’ll turn into!

I’ve always had an interest in writing and the idea of writing my own book (not that I have an actual book idea yet!) and blogging is something I can do wherever I am, so I want to use this in a way I can develop my writing skills. Plus I love networking which means the idea of being able to connect with so many similar minded people is quite appealing too.

The content here is going to vary quite a lot while I find the things I like doing, plus there’s whatever and wherever I’ll be in the world, etc. Once a week should still be a fair commitment to post something, maybe just a quick thought or update, a photo, share another bloggers work, something like that.

I’ll keep it at that for now but you’ll be hearing from me again real soon…

Nice to meet you all.

Keep it light 😉


Let me hear it.

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